Our Story

Wilder & Co. was born with the idea that we wanted to create a brand that men and women can enjoy while giving back to the world that we love. We knew we wanted to make this a family project and with that came the name, after our son Phoenix Wilder. As we started to piece together what this company would mean to us, we started thinking "How can we help give back?" "How can we make a difference in the world with this?" We mulled over these questions and then it dawned on us our sons love and caring for animals since he was born. We have always referred to him as our little fox. This got us thinking about all the wildlife you and I and Phoenix all love. How can we help ensure that those animals are here for years to come? To ensure that our future generations can enjoy their beauty as well? We researched organizations that protect and conserve our wildlife and we fell in love with the missions and ways people like us can help. With our own mission in mind we have promised that a portion of every Wilder & Co. sale will go to help these causes. To protect our wildlife. We're all in this together and our hope is to create amazing products that everyone can enjoy, so that our wildlife far and wide can enjoy their own wild life.